Meria on the Ochelli Factor


4/29/15 With the kind permission of Charles Ochelli, last night’s interview on Chuck’s show with Meria is now available to her listening audience. We discussed everything from Baltimore to vaccines and most of all non-participation. Enjoy.








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2 Responses to "Meria on the Ochelli Factor"

  1. Meria says:

    First off I would like to say, Holy Shit! Your show with Chuck was pretty damn awesome! When you went on your first tangent early in the show, I’m not even going to lie, I teared up. It was just that powerful! I wish everyone would pull their heads out of their asses and just open their eyes so they can see the world for what it is currently. The problem in today’s society is everyone is looking at our country’s issues as something that is complex and they won’t/can’t see the “why”. When you choose to look at the issues with simplistic views, its BAM in your face. How could you miss it?

    much love,

  2. Meria says:

    Lioness Mer!

    Fantastic job! Firm and focused. Cool intro music too! Who is that; Captain Beyond? One of my college favorites.
    Your points, paraphrased; my comment; for its worth.
    -“A country founded on genocide will perish via genocide”. We gave the indigenous peoples blankets infested w/small pox; marched the Cherokee on the “trail of tears”; the Calvary slaughtered untold numbers west of the Mississippi..
    -“Race does make a difference; white alright, brown get down, black get back”. I grew up in the segregated south. N was used in every other sentence. Not by me ever. Not by my parents ever. The ignorance was and still is intolerable.
    -“Don’t participate in the system. Non participation”. Quiet resistance against the system. Non compliance via calm controlled behavior. When do we organize that Army of Love?
    -“Once you fear the future of the unknown, they “gotcha”. The system wins”. You blasted Chuck for indicating fear! Great moment!! Let’s look @ them (the system) straight in the eye and totally trust in Spirit.
    -“We are very close to living in an Orwellian prison. If America doesn’t undergo a mass awakening immediately, consent will be given to enslave our children”. Your best and strongest moment! You are the David Icke of America!
    “The Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written by white (many times slave) land owners of wealth and nothing has changed in the government of control”. I guess you know that 53 of the 54 signers of the Constitution were freemasons.
    -“We are paying for the crimes of Jekyll Island, GA”. The Federal Reserve Act was signed 12/24/13 with way over 1/2 of Congress on vacation. In comes the BAR and the IRS, in the same year! Look a little coincidental?
    -“USA article from the VP of the Baltimore Orioles. Look at a town of 950K that, when Bethlehem Steel left, it went to 600K. The neighborhood protesting w/folks 16-62 at a 50% unemployment reality”. My take, agent provocateurs were planted, once again, to gin up the violence. Plus, indications with the leaving of police cars abandoned and the mayors consent to stand down, it was clearly orchestrated. It’s so bloody simple!!
    -“150 cases of the measles, and they (CDC) is attempting to declare mandatory vaccinations, w/ over 20,000 deaths a year due to influenza?” Sounds to me like the (CDC) do anything to cite a pandemic.
    You and your sis worked the Jerry Lewis Telethon! Wow!! Didn’t know about the O2 tent backstage. Outside of yourself, the only other NYC local “hall of famers” I’ve have the pleasure of meeting were Walter Matthau (parked his car in Miami) and Joe Boushard, bass player for Blue Oyster Cult. Like yourself, both were the coolest, kindest and most generous individuals I have ever met…

    Much love,

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