Meria With Ellen Brown – The Public Banking Solution

 2/25/14 Meria Interviews Ellen Brown, Attorney, Candidate for Treasurer in Calif on Green Party Ticket on her latest book “The Public Banking Solution”. Recent bankers deaths – LIBOR?fraud?fear?; what happened to Jerry Brown? [...]

Meria With Ellen Brown, Atty on Economic Issues

5/8/13 Meria interviews Ellen Brown, Atty, Chairman of The Public Banking Institute, author of 11 books on bail-ins, bail-outs and the safety of our money. What is money? Whatever our govt says it is; Can our economy be fixed? Who can fix it? [...]

Meria With Joseph Meyer on the Economy

10/16/12 Meria With Economist Joseph Meyer. Joseph is publisher of Straight Money Analysis, Mediator and Abritrator of FINRA; Regulations and deregulations; the recessions of 1973 and 1981 and todays recession which began in 2007; offshoring [...]

Meria With Ellen Brown on the LIBOR Conspiracy

   8/28/12 Meria interviews Ellen Brown, Attorney, author of 11 books and President of the Public Banking Institute. The LIBOR conspiracy, what is it and how does it affect us in the U.S.? rigging LIBOR rates for greed; 16 Big Banks set the [...]

Meria With Jordan Estevao -Foreclosures and Bank Fraud

8/10/12 Meria interview Jordan Estevao, Campaign Director with National People’s Action Organization. Foreclosures are far from over; losses to homeowners, workers and wages; consumers vs. citizens; 1/3 of homeowners are underwater on [...]